Clinical Internship

Chinese medicine and acupuncture training in China

There are more than 5 cooperating grade III-A hospitals for the students to practice in, such as Guanganmen Hospital of CACMS, Wang Jing Hospital of CACMS, Beijing Aerospace General Hospital, Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Shanxi Provincial People‘s Hospital and so on. The students can practice in the different departments, such as acupuncture, orthopedics, Tuina (Chinese massage), herbs, pain management, pediatrics, neurology, ophthalmology, dermatology, gynecology, oncology, etc. The excellent teaching team is experienced in teaching students coming from the various countries of the world,they are the leading people in all fields of acupuncture science and Chinese medicine, good at both theory teaching and clinical treatment. The teachers will help you surmount language obstacles, learn Chinese culture, experience the extraordinary significance of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Teaching method

Clinical practice + classroom lecture


The internship certificate will be issued by the hospitals you practice in.

Certificate Sample

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