With the purpose of promoting the international development of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, training professional TCM doctors and acupuncturists who are qualified in clinical work, International acupuncture education network requires the students to grasp the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, subjects in TCM and acupuncture knowledge, as well as professional clinical practice skills after completing their studies.


  • 1. The students know well the basis of TCM, herbal and formula theory, TCM clinical theory, and basic TCM skills.
  • 2. The students know well the basic theory of acupuncture, basic acupuncture skills, and can engage in acupuncture therapy in clinical practice.
  • 3. The students have the ability to treat TCM common diseases, deal with urgent, difficult and severe cases.
  • 4. The students understand academic development; and have the preliminary ability of scientific research in TCM and acupuncture field.

Course Contents

  • Course A: Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a science discussing the basic theories, basic concepts, and basic knowledge of TCM. This course is mainly dealing with yin yang, five elements, zang-fu, qi, blood and body fluid, meridians and collaterals, etiology, pathogenesis and principles of treatment. Of which, the theories of yin yang and five elements are of the philosophy basis of TCM; the theories of zang-fu, qi, blood and body fluid, meridians and collaterals are of the discussion on the physical functions of human body; and the theories of etiology, pathogenesis and principles of treatment are of the knowledge of TCM on diseases.

  • Course B: Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, serving as the bridge linking the basic theory with the clinical practice, is a science to study the pathological conditions of patient for recognizing diseases and differentiating syndromes according to the theories of TCM. This course is mainly dealing with the diagnostic methods and syndrome differentiation. The four diagnostic methods, including inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiring, and palpation, are those to help the doctor to understand the causative factors and nature of the disease. The syndrome differentiation is to make a comprehensive analysis of the clinical data obtained by applying the four diagnostic methods for determination of treatment.

  • Course C: Chinese Materia Medica

    Chinese Materia Medica is a science which studies the basic theories and clinical applications of Chinese herbs. This course includes general introduction and specific discussions. General introduction discusses processing of Chinese medicinal herbs, properties and actions, compatibility, eighteen antagonisms, nineteen incompatibilities, dosages and applications. Specific discussions introduces the actions, applications, usages and dosages, properties of different Chinese herbs.

  • Course D: Chinese Medical Formulae

    Chinese Medical Formulae is a science which studies therapeutic methods and prescription compatibility, as well as clinical applications of Chinese medical formulae. Based on the syndrome syndrome differentiation and treatment, and according to formulating principles, this course is dealing with how to select reasonable compatibility, dosages, formulation and usages of Chinese medical formulae.

  • Course E: Meridians and Acupoints

    Meridians and Acupoints is the basic and specialized curriculum of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The course is mainly dealing with the meridian system, including the running course of 14 meridians, and locations and indications of acupoints. In addition, the techniques of acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, three-edged needles, cutaneous and intradermal needles are also discussed.

  • Course F: Acupuncture Therapeutics

    Acupuncture Therapeutics is a science which discusses the general laws of treatment of acupuncture. It is the clinical application of the basic theories of TCM. This course is brief in content and easy to understand, mainly dealing with the functions of acupuncture, treating principles, selection of acupoints, and treatment of diseases.

  • Course G: Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a clinical science which discusses pathogenic factors and pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment regularity, as well as Chinese medicine therapy of internal diseases. Under the guidance of the theories of zang-fu, qi, blood and body fluid, meridians and collaterals, internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine explains the therapeutic characteristics of syndrome differentiation. This course is the clinical base and a main course of traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Course H: Case Studies from Chinese Acupuncture Experts

    In order to allow people to understand and use acupuncture and moxibustion well, a systematic of medical records of well-known contemporary experts is presented in this course to demonstrate its clinical effectiveness. These 150 medical records, covering 70 diseases, have been carefully selected. Each case explores both a unique disease pattern and gives a generalized overview of the disease. In this course, great importance is attached to different illness. Special attention is paid to different treatment styles for the same disease.

All of the course textbooks are put in the website. The student can login the online courses by username and password to study the courses directly. For each course there are the studying schedule, reading materials and exam paper to help and supervise the study.


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