Modern Science and Ginseng 4

Type 2 diabetes
Although American ginseng has been studies more for diabetes, both types of Asia ginsengs may lower blood sugar levels, in people with type 2 diabetes. However, in a few studies it looked like Asia or Korean ginseng which raised blood sugar levels. Some people think that the ginsenosides in American ginseng might lower blood sugar while different ginsenosides in Asia ginseng could raise blood sugar levels. Until more is known, you should not take ginseng if you have diabetes without your doctor’s strict supervision and monitoring.
Mental performance
People who take ginseng often say they feel more alert. Several studies report that Asia ginseng may slightly improve thinking or learning. Early research shows that Asia ginseng may improve performance on such things as mental arithmetic, concentration, memory, and other measures. Some studies have also found a positive effect with the combination of Asia ginseng and Ginkgo biloba.
Most of the studies have found that ginseng does improve mental performance, but they have measured different kinds of mental function, making it hard to know exactly what the effects of ginseng are. For example, one study found that people who took ginseng increased their ability for abstract thought, but didn’t have any changes in their reaction time or concentration levels.
Physical endurance

There have been a number of studies using Asian ginseng for athletic performance in humans and laboratory animals. Results have been mixed, with some studies showing increased strength and endurance, others showing improved agility or reaction time, and others showing no effect at all. Even so, athletes often take Asian ginseng to boost both endurance and strength. Asian ginseng was also found to reduce fatigue in a study of 332 people.
Several studies suggest that Asia ginseng may reduce the risk of some types of cancers. In one observational study, researchers followed 4643 people for 5 years and found that those who took ginseng hand lower risk of lung, liver, pancreatic, ovarian, and stomach cancer. But the study could not say for sure that other factors, including healthy eating habits, weren’t responsible for the lower risk of cancer. And it was found that taking ginseng as few as 3 times a year led to a dramatic reduction in cancer risk, which is hard to believe.
A number of studies have found that Asia ginseng seems to slow down or stop the growth of tumors, although researchers aren’t yet sure how it might work in humans. More research is needed.

Asian Ginseng

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